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Cold rolling line

The cold-rolling line ROLL-12M-2P has been devised and manufactured to produce smooth and ribbed steel wire.
The wire rod rolls, having low content of Carbon, are rolled and the produced wire is winded on fixed or demountable metallic coils having maximum weight of 3 T.
The best technology, together with the best materials available, guarantee to our Customers:

  • Absolute reliability
  • Use and maintenance easiness
  • Constant and ongoing use up to 24 hours a day.

Specifications ROLL-12M-1P ROLL-12M-2P

Type of entering material

Steel with low content of Carbon (SAE 1006-1016) Steel with low content of Carbon (SAE 1006-1016)

Inlet wire rod

From 5,5 mm to 14,0 mm From 5,5 mm to 14,0 mm

Finished wire

From 5,0 mm to 12,0 mm From 4,0 mm to 12,0 mm

Maximum working speed

12 m/s 12 m/s


N. 1 pitch N. 2 pitches

Bull block:

Capstan 1° pitch

Capstan 2° pitch

Ø 750 mm

Ø 600 mm
Ø 750 mm

Horizontal coil winder

Metallic coil:

  • Flange diameter
  • Core diameter
  • Length
  • Maximum weight

Ø 1250 mm.
Ø 630 mm.
950 mm.
3000 Kg.

Ø 1250 mm.
Ø 630 mm.
950 mm.
3000 Kg.

Total installed power

300 Kw 300 Kw


Alternating current with inverter Alternating current with inverter

ROLL-12M is made up with the following units:


Vertical decoiler

To unwind wire rod rolls of max 2 T, with two supports of rolls, working with hydraulic turnover. Central upright with contrivance for down stroke od the upper pulley, with anti-node safety electric mechanism. Drive by hydraulic station.


Mechanical descaler with 5 rollers

The electro welded steel closed construction is provided with steel rollers. The machine is equipped with chip-basket for skale.


Lubricating dust distributor

Composed of a structure in electro welded steel for containing the lubricant and of a screw conveyor operated by gear, with mixer for the lubricant's transport on the wire. One additional screw conveyor in horizontal position takes back into the main tank the excess of lubricant which fall from the wire.


Rollers rolling cassette

It carries out the first wire reduction. Two heads with three rollers with water cooling of pins.


Deviator (ONLY FOR ROLL-12M-2P)

A device that allows the use of the second reduction draft.


Bull block

It supplies the necessary power to carry out section reduction on the entry wire. The carrying structure is built in electro welded steel , complete with vibration-damping panels. The change-speed gears is provided with gears in Cr-Ni steel, hardened and ground on the profile.


Rollers rolling cassette (ONLY FOR ROLL-12M-2P)

It carries out the second wire reduction and, if requested, the ribbing.


Stretching group with 7 rollers (OPTIONAL)

To improve the ductility of the wire.


Horizontal spooler

It is able to wind steel on metallic reels. The carrying structure is built in electro welded steel, complete with vibration-damping panels. The movable tailstock and cradle for discharged reel is provided with hydraulic control. The variable pitch traverse mechanism, operated by AC geared motor, is synchronized with major motor.


Electrical control cabinet

The box is completely sealed and thermically conditioned, and it contains all necessary components to make the line work and to check it.

Control unit:

  • Line controls
  • Production statistics
  • Error messages

Optional accessories on demand:

  • Butt welder
  • Tungsten carbide rollers
  • Rolling cassettes
  • Equipment for the roller release
  • Lubricating dust
  • Stretching group