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Dear Customers,
we are proposing a special offer on all spare parts on stock, with discount ranging from 30% to 50% on list prices (unchanged for many years).
We think it's a great opportunity for you if you need to buy consumables or spare parts in case of breakages.
We will updated the quantities after each order we received.
If another customer had requested the same part before you, but had not been updated the .pdf file below, we will notify you.
Otherwise we also send you info about the cost of shipping, so that you can chose the best way to receive the goods.

Hurry up because the quantities are not unlimited and because these special prices will not be possible in the future!

Here you will find .pdf file with updated list:


2017 Offers "On Stock" and "Second-Hand"

Discover the offers we started on our "new machines on stock" and "Second-hand machines".

Contact us for information:



We reviewed the "Used" page by inserting several second-hand lines reported by our employees.

There are also machines overhauled and guaranteed by us.


What's New on the site

Updates were made to the site including the page of the device ACW and the translation of all the spare parts catalogs and price lists in the new languages recently added.


4 new languages in our website

In order to help our customers, we started to translate our website also in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

We extend our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 to all our customers, employees and friends.


ACW-2500 Automatic Cross Wires Feeding System


COM.IT has developed a new device to automatically feed the magazine loader "ATR" of the welding line called "CO-240-A".

The wires are held by two spools placed on rotating reels with pneumatic braking.

Towing and straightening are carried out by two straightening machines.

The cutting table and the support structure are designed so as to be able to straighten, cut and unload wires with length from 1400 to 2500 mm and a diameter from 3,0 to 10,0 mm.

ACW can be installed on new welding lines or in the revamping of existent plants.


In the coming days, in our website, there will be new pictures  and other material regarding this device.



Thanks to our visitors at Wire2014!

We got a great response to our booth at WIRE 2014 Düsseldorf: all visitors showed great interest in our products, especially for the latest new products presented. Thanks again for visiting us, we look forward to the next edition of the fair!


DUSSELDORF FAIR WIRE 2014 has confirmed its presence in Fair Wire 2014 will be held in Düsseldorf from 7 to 11 April 2014 and where he will be glad to meet you to introduce its innovations at booth B40 in Hall 16.


New combined cold rolling line ROLL-CL

The combined line ROLL-CL has been designed and produced by COM.IT in order to ensure, starting from wire rod, the production of smooth or ribbed wire for reinforced concrete bars, cut to size, or, alternatively, in the classic collection roll (spools or coils).


This new combined line ensures maximum efficiency and production capacity, combining the process of cold rolling with that of straightening, cutting to size and collection of the bars, while ensuring a high and constant level of quality of the finished product.


In the "Products" page there are other info and pictures.


New straightening and cutting machines ROLL-STR

The new type straightening ROLL-STR are available. They combine high production speed (150 m/s) with a great cutting accuracy (± 0.4 mm).

The 3 models, listed in the table below, differ for wire diameters that can produce.


More information on our website in the "Products" section.


*Update* cold rolling line with 1 or 2 drafts

Some updates were introduced to our cold rolling line, ROLL-12M, to meet all possible needs of the customer's production.

New photos are on the website under "Products".


Certificate ISO 9001 : 2008

On 14.02.2013, with certificate No. 130672-2013-AQ-ITA-ACCREDIA, has been certified that COM.IT S.r.l. has been found to conform to the management system standard:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008)

This certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges:

Design, manufacture, assembly and assistance of welding lines, cold-rolling lines and straightening machines (Sector EA : 18).

This certification is one of the many processes undertaken in order to constantly improve the products and services provided to our customers.



All is ready for the Fair that started today in the german city. We'll wait you to meet us at our stand 16 E80!


Wire 2012 @ Dusseldorf S.r.l. will participate in WIRE 2012 from 26th to 30th March 2012 in Dusseldorf.

If you want to visit us, we will be happy to meet you at our stand in Hall 16 stand E80.



Spare parts list

At this link you can find a list with pictures and codes of spare parts most used in our welding lines, ofter suitable for welding lines produced by pther manufacturers.

Contact us for info and prices!


Spare parts for welding lines

As many of our customers already know, we are suppliers of spare parts for weldinf lines.

They are very appreciated because of several reasons:

  • high quality materiald and workmanship
  • competitive prices
  • possible use on welding lines produced by other companies
  • quick delivery time due to a continuous replenished stock.

If you are interested to have an offer for our spare parts, you can:

  • request to our email a list of the most required
  • send us pictures and dimensions of the spare parts that you need.

Within few hours, we will reply about their availability and price.


Welding line Schlatter MG28 overhauled by

Added, in the page "Second-hand", technical features and photos of the welding line Schlatter MG28.


New page "Catalogues and Video"

It's now avaible, in the menu, the page "Catalogues and Video" where there are the catalogues and the video of our welding lines and cold rolling line.


News about second-hand machines and video

Are being added, in the "Second-hand" page, two machines: a straightening machine OMES RF20 and a welding line Schlatter MG28.

In the next days will be posted online videos of welding line by spools CO-240-A and the welding line by bars CO-240-B-SERV.


Pictures of the new cold rolling line

Pictures of the cold rolling line ROLL-12M-2P were inserted in our website.

Technical features of this line are in the section Products/Cold rolling line


Website is online

Finally our website is online!